Autumn Skin

Have you ever noticed how your skin becomes dull and lifeless as the season changes?

In the colder months we need to be focusing on protecting our skin from the drying effects of central heating and the cold conditions outside. Fluctuations in temperature can also play havoc with our skin. All these factors lead to a build-up of dead cells that cause skin to look dull and lifeless. So it’s important to adapt your skincare as the weather changes to keep your complexion looking fresh and vibrant.

Now is the perfect time to switch up your regime.

Exfoliating, moisturising and protecting are essential at this time of year. This is a great time to use a serum to give your skin that much needed boost. Serums penetrate the skin much more deeply than a moisturiser to treat the deeper dermis. A moisturiser should then be used to seal in the benefits of the serum and protect the upper layers of skin.

If you’ve never had a facial before then this is an ideal time to rejuvenate your skin from the rigours of the summer sun and prepare for the winter. Speak to one of our team of professional therapists for friendly advice on skincare and to find out which facial treatments are most suitable for you.





Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
For hair removal and skin rejuvenation

IPL is our state of the art solution for hair removal and skin rejuvenation and is a signature treatment from our medi-spa suite. IPL uses pulses of light to safely penetrate the skin, and can be used anywhere on the face and body.


As well as being highly effective for removing unwanted hair, our expert IPL therapist also offers anti-ageing pulsed light treatments to rejuvenate the skin and treat pigmentation caused by sun damage boosting collagen and elastin to promote a fuller, more youthful appearance. IPL skin rejuvenation can also be used to treat acne prone skin, post acne scarring and acne rosacea.


With the summer over, now is the best time to start thinking about IPL as it works best on skin that isn’t being exposed to the sun. So the winter months are the best time to consider having a course of IPL treatment to have your skin ready for next spring.


The key benefits of IPL for hair removal over waxing are that it offers a permanent hair removal solution. You also don’t need to let your hairs grow whilst having treatment. Hairs have to be a certain length in order for wax to grip, but because IPL penetrates the skin with pulses of light to prevent hair growth it works with hairs of any length, so you can shave if needed in between treatments. IPL even takes care of ingrowing hairs so your skin looks clearer too!


Courses of treatment are available for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation.






LPG EndermologieSlimming, Firming & Anti Cellulite Treatment
LPG is a world leading, non-surgical slimming and firming treatment for removing stubborn fat, cellulite and loose or sagging skin. It is one of our most popular offerings from our Medi-Spa suite. Using a combination of gentle mechanical massage and suction, it provides a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive skin stimulation.


By stimulating the skin and fatty tissue, LPG softens them and makes them less fibrous. At the same time it helps to release stubborn fat and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. By stimulating dormant cellular activity within our skin, it reactivates the cells’ natural processes for healthy repair and recovery.


LPG Endermologie is the result of more than 30 years of scientific research and development. According to a 2016 *DERMSCAN study, after just 3 sessions, cellulite is reduced by up to 67%, giving way to smoother, softer skin.


Cellulite, which affects 90% of women (even the thinnest and most athletic), is the result of both fat storage in adipose cells and of water retention. As the fat cells grow they create an uneven surface to the skin. At the same time, circulation is blocked, and toxins accumulate. That is when cellulite appears, creating the unwelcome “orange peel” effect to the skin.


For optimum results we recommend a course of LPG treatment to compliment your healthy eating and exercise routine.


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Have you tried the gentle power of Reiki Healing with Chris, our Reiki Master? If you haven’t then there’s no better time!

Introductory offer
1 hour Reiki treatment only £45
usually £60 saving £15 off your first session!

Energy Healing provides a nurturing and harmonious space for your mind, body and emotions to recover from life’s turbulent challenges.

Take time out of your busy life for healing. Most of us spend so much of our time dealing with the demands of life that we don’t make time to nurture our own needs.

Chris can also combine Reiki with Hot Stone Massage and Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy to create a truly effective and holistic healing experience for your mind, body and spirit.

If you want to find out more about our Reiki sessions then please follow the link to our article on the Blog page of our website…




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CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning

CACI Non-surgical facial toning is an advanced non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. Microcurrent impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles and neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This gives a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow. Course of 12 recommended 2-3 per week.

CACI Deluxe Non-Surgical Facial Toning

CACI Deluxe non-surgical facial toning is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the 1 hour signature non-surgical facial toning treatment for enhanced results. It gives an extra 15 minutes to concentrate on areas of muscle laxity, aimed at mature skin types and those with specific concerns. Course of 12 recommended 2-3 per week.

CACI Eye Lift

The CACI Eye lift will work to lift and firm the muscles around the eye area, particularly where people tend to lose definition as they age, known as ‘hooded eyes’. This treatment will also help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Course of 12 recommended 1 per week or more.

CACI Hydratone Facial

The Hydratone facial is a deeply nourishing treatment that hydrates and tones. It combines microcurrent rollers (which help restore muscle tone and firmness) with hydro mask. The hydro mask is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose water to deeply nourish and deliver a surge of moisture to the skin that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation (great for special occasion and perfect for brides to be).

CACI Orbital Microdermabrasion

This treatment uses controlled orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin, combined with LED light therapy for tissue repair and healing. The controlled removal of skin cells reveals more youthful looking skin and together with light therapy can be used to treat sun damaged skin and acne scarring. Course of 12 recommended 1 per week.

CACI Hydratone Facial Incorporating Non-Surgical Facial Toning

Microcurent facial toning and lifting is added to the CACI hydratone facial to not only have the non-surgical facial toning but to also get a surge of moisture to the skin, which is also infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose water. Course of 12 recommended 1 per week.

CACI Acne Treatment

This soothing treatment targets severe acne concerns where exfoliation is not advised. The treatment uses blue and red light therapy (renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties) combined with the hydro mask to soothe and calm the skin, as well as reduce redness and irritation. Course of 12 recommended 1 per week.

These amazing CACI treatments are the newest addition to Beautiful Angels.
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Valid 22nd – 27th October 2018
Valid until 30th November 2018
Product of the Month
Crème Longue Vie Cou

Longue Vie Cou is Guinot’s firming cream specifically for the neck, an area which concerns most people when it comes to ageing. It helps to knit the epidermis back together and reinforces the skins elastic structures. Visibly reducing wrinkle depth and rejuvenating the look and texture of the neck and decollete, makes this product an essential part of your anti-ageing skincare regime.

Active Components:

- 56 active cell ingredients – make up the complex necessary to restore elastic tissue.

Apply daily morning and evening.

Available in salon now!