Why is an SPF so important?

With Summer just around the corner and all of us hoping for lots of warm, sunny days it seems like the perfect time to start thinking about SPF and the importance of wearing it. Nicer weather means we spend more time outside and that means being protected at all times.

Suncream protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn, the effects of UVB rays are very easy to see and feel. UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin, these rays can lead to long-term effects such as wrinkling, premature ageing and other skin damage. Both UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer, making it essential to find the right SPF product for your skin.

SPF 15 is the minimum you should be wearing however on the face you should ideally wear SPF 30 or above. Suncream is important for all over the body but the face is particularly susceptible to premature ageing making it essential to protect the skin everyday. If you’re choosing an SPF product to protect your skin why not pick one which helps to improve your skin too? Guinot’s sun logic range has a vast choice of anti-ageing products for face, eyes and body with varying levels of SPF protection for all different skin types. The products also protect you from Blue Light, a high-energy visible light, which comes from both natural and artificial sources of light and can be just as harmful to your skin as UV rays.

So with hopefully a summer of long, hot, sunny days approaching pick your SPF products wisely and stay protected. We may not be able to stay young forever but we can do all we can to keep our skin looking it!!




Product of the Month


Slim Logic Slimming Capsules

With Summer fast approaching we all want to be bikini body ready, Guinot’s new Slim Logic Slimming capsules are here to help us achieve that. This slimming nutritional supplement acts from the inside out, helping to burn fat to maximise slimming.

Active Components

Guarana and Kola Nuts – help with weight management and burn fat

Hibiscus – helps the body to eliminate excess water and toxins reducing fluid

One capsule to be taken during breakfast and one capsule during lunch, use in addition to a healthy lifestyle and Guinot’s slimming body creams. The capsules are adult use only and are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage with Hot Stones

Initial 1 hour treatment for only £45
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hot stone

Have you discovered our unique Deep Tissue Sports Massage with Hot Stones yet? It’s our most effective treatment for releasing muscle tension and joint pain.

If you haven’t tried it yet there’s no better time! This uniquely effective treatment combines THREE highly effective elements…

1)      Hot Stones Massage relaxes and soothes your muscles to melt away tension.
2)      Deep Tissue Massage releases muscle spasms, trigger points, and fascial congestion.
3)      Sports Massage Therapy mobilises and manipulates your muscles and joints so you can move more freely.

Why struggle on with the same old aches and pains when you can leave your muscular tension and stress behind? Be free from nagging pains in your back, shoulders and neck, or anywhere else for that matter!

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Pre Prom Packages

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Slimming, Firming & Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Start thinking ahead to Summer and get your body beach-ready with a course of LPG treatments.

LPG Endermologie is a non surgical slimming and firming treatment solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and loose, sagging skin, alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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