Special 30 minute introductory session
Target this specific problem area
Only £30 !
Upgrades available.
Available for February 2019 ONLY!
In our Deep Tissue Sports Massage clinic we treat more people for neck and shoulder pain than for any other injury. That’s why we’re running a special Neck & Shoulder Clinic to help our clients target this specific problem area. You can book a special 30 minute appointment any time this month.The session includes…
• an initial consultation & assessment
• an exploration into the history of your specific pain or injury
• a health screen
• lifestyle assessment
• postural analysis
• discussion about any other relevant factors concerning your specific issues
• treatmentChris, our in-house deep-tissue sports massage therapist, will then provide the most appropriate treatment for your specific problem.At the end of the 30 minute session he will explain the causes of your own specific pain pattern and give advice on managing the problem.If required, you can upgrade to a full 1 hour treatment for a further £15 (usually £60, saving you £15), or book a follow-up 1 hour treatment at the discounted rate of £45.

If you want to learn more about common causes of neck and shoulder pain then visit Chris’ blog.