From the renowned French skincare company, our Hydradermie treatments are based upon natural herb and plant extracts.

Hydradermie2 “The Star Treatment”

An exclusive treatment using Galvanic and High Frequency Double Ionisation penetrates the active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. Customised for each skin type leaving the skin hydrated, radiant and youthful. Suitable for all skin types. Monthly treatments are recommended.

Individual 1 hr 15 mins £60 / £62

Hydradermie2 Age Logic

A deluxe anti-ageing Hydradermie. Double Ionisation penetrates the active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. This facial works in 3 parts, treating the individual areas of the face. Regenerates, smoothes and tones the contours of the skin giving a youthful radiance. Comes with complimentary Eyebrow Shape and Lash Tint. 1 treatment every 3 weeks is recommended.

Individual 1 hr 45 mins £81 / £83
Course of 6 £405 / £415
Course of 12 £769.50 / £788.50

Hydradermie2 Lift

Non Surgical Lifting treatment using a Stimulation current, massage and mask. Gives the facial muscles a workout, restoring volume and tone. Suitable for mature clients. A course of 6/12 is recommended.

Individual 55 mins £60 / £62
Course of 6 £300 / £310
Course of 12 £570 / £589

Hydradermie2 Lift Express

The “Quick Fix” facial workout resculpts the muscles, creating a lifting effect.

Individual 30 mins £46 / £48
Course of 6 £230 / £240
Course of 12 £437 / £456

Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe

2 facials in 1, Hydradermie2 Lift and Hydradermie2 Age Logic.

Individual 1 hr 45 mins £90 / £92
Course of 6 £450 / £460
Course of 12 £855 / £874

Hydradermie2 Lift Yeux

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Non Surgical Eye Treatment specifically for the delicate eye area. Using the Stimulation current to give muscles a workout. Reviving eye area, giving a toned and lifted effect. A course of 6/12 is recommended.

Individual 45 mins £49 / £51
Course of 6 £225 / £250
Course of 12 £427 / £500

Beaute Neuve Treatment

Cell-renewing, double peeling facial with AHA’s, Glycolic acid and Vitamin C for skin that is as good as new. Ideal for dull looking and lifeless skin. 1 treatment a week for 3 weeks is recommended.

Individual 1 hr £50 / £52
Course of 3 £135 / £140

Liftosome Treatment

A treatment that boosts the youthful appearance of the face using Pro Collagen and a thermal setting mask. 1 treatment a week for 3 weeks is recommended.

Individual 1 hr £52 / £54
Course of 3 £140 / £145

Aromatic Facial

Holistic facial to enhance each skin type with the beautifying and therapeutic energy of essential oils. 1 treatment a week for 3 weeks is recommended.

Individual 1 hr £50 / £52
Course of 3 £135 / £140

Teenage Facial

A tailor made facial to target skin concerns. Deep cleansing ideal for problematic skin or for those who want to get into good habits with a skin care regime. • Cleanse • Exfoliation • Steam/Galvanic • Mask

Individual 1 hr £36 / £38
Course of 6 £180 / £190

Mens Grooming

We also offer treatments specifically tailored to men.

Tres Homme Facial

Deep cleansing/anti-ageing facial. Monthly treatments recommended.

Individual 1 hr 15 mins £60 / £62
Course of 6 £300 / £310

Muscle Lifting Facial

Lifting treatment using a Stimulation current gives the facial muscles a workout restoring volume and tone. A course of 6/12 treatments are recommended.

Individual 55 mins £60 / £62
Course of 6 £300 / £310
Course of 12 £570 / £589
Other treatments specifically tailored to men
Mens manicure £26 / £27
Mens pedicure £30 / £31
Back waxing £25 / £27
Chest waxing £25 / £27
Back, neck, & shoulder massage 30 mins £32 / £35
Back, neck, & shoulder massage 1 hour £54 / £56


The Jessica Nail Cultivation System includes a unique nail diagnosis and prescription which recommends specific products to help give you lasting and effective results.

Express Manicure 30 mins £21 / £22
• Nail tidy • File • Hand massage • Polish
Jessica Standard Manicure 45 mins £29 / £31
• Analysis of each nail for its specific nail type• Cuticle care with oils and creams • Shaping • Polish
French Finish Standard 1 hr £33 / £35
Jessica Luxury Manicure 1 hr £34 / £36
French Finish Luxury 1 hr £38 / £40
Jessica Luxury Pedicure 1 hr 15 mins £40 / £42

The beauty of Jessica with the strength of a gel. A soak-off gel nail system, offering a manicure and pedicure to withstand the rigours of everyday life. GELeration offers a pampering experience of a traditional manicure or pedicure with a flawless finish that lasts up to 3 weeks.

GELeration manicure 1 hr £32 / £34
GELeration manicure French Finish 1 hr £34 / £36
GELeration infills (recommended every two weeks) 1 hr 15 mins £29 / £31
GELeration pedicure 1 hr £37 / £39
GELeration soak & new set on toes 1 hr £33 / £35

On like a polish, wear like a gel! Set it and forget it. Practical yet fearless. Two weeks of glorious, indelible shine and colour that lasts.

Shellac manicure 1 hr £32 / £34
Shellac manicure French Finish 1 hr £34 / £36
Shellac soak & new set hands 1 hr 15 mins £38 / £40
Shellac pedicure 1 hr £37 / £39
Shellac soak & new set on toes 1 hr £33 / £35


The semi permanent nail vanish
At last anyone can grown their nails. The organic gel provides a hard fast protective layer making your nails resistant to the normal wear and tear, allowing them to grow. Biosculpture is available in clear, colour or french finish, requiring infilling every two to three weeks. Great for perfect nails with no fuss. No drying time is necessary, so shoes can be put on straight after a pedicure.

Organic Protein Nail Overlay (Bio sculpture)

Gel overlays 45 mins £37 / £39
French Finish 1 hr £39 / £41
Infill 1 hr £34 / £36
Soak & new set 1hr 15mins £43 / £45

Nail Extensions (Using Biosculpture Gel)

Full set (nail extensions)

With tips or gel sculptures 2 hr £56.50
Single extension £5.50
Nail Repair £6.50
N.B please inform us when booking your overlays/infills if you require any extensions, nail repairs or nail art as extra time is needed.

Biosculpture Pedicure with Gel Colour

Organic nail colour can be applied to feet for a long lasting non chip colour. Nails will look immaculate for up up to 8 weeks on toes.

Biosculpture gel pedicure 1 hr 15 mins £42 / £44
Application gel on toes 45 mins £33 / £35
Soak and new set on toes 1 hr £38 / £40
Gel pedicure soak & new set 1 hr 30 mins £46 / £48
Diamante (nail art) £0.50p per nail



Extend fashion to your fingertips

This solid nail covering does not require any drying time, no fumes, spills, smudging or chipping. Suitable for manicure and pedicure. Hundreds of bold or subtle designs to choose from. Lasts up to 7 days on hands, 4 to 6 weeks on toes.

MINX manicure 1 hr £29
Minx pedicure 1 hr 15 mins £42
MINX on toes 1 hr £29
MINX soak off & pedicure 1 hr 15 min £43

3D Eyelash Extensions

3D lashes are attached to each hair with a light adhesive. They give longer, fuller totally natural looking lashes that are weightless and comfortable.

Full set Top lashes extended using approx 75-100 lashes per eye £80
Half set Top lashes extended using approx 45-60 lashes per eye £60
Audrey Hepburn sweep Outer corner lashes extended to create this classic look £45
Lash Maintenance Existing lash extensions tidied, loose lashes removed, new lashes applied. At least 50% original lashes remaining. £40 / £42
Removal without a new application Removal is complimentary if having new full or half set applied at same time £15

Strip lashes

Strip lashes are applied for a special occasion for instant impact! 15 mins £15.50/ £20.50

Make Up

Make-up lesson available on request
Special Occasion available on request
Bridal make-up Inc. trial £174

The bronzing treatment favoured by celebrities St Tropez delivers a flawless finish in minutes. the quickest way to a professional tan and with its fresh scent you’ll smell as good as you look!


St Tropez spray tan 30 mins £27 / £29
Course of 6 £108 / £116

The Beauty Clinic


Lycon is a unique waxing system that shrink wraps round the hair and not the skin. No more having to grow the hairs between waxing as Lycon wax removes even the shortest of hairs whilst protecting the skin. It is successful in removing tough hairs but gentle enough to be used on delicate intimate areas as well with minimal skin reaction. Lycon is also suitable for use on facial hair.

Strip Wax

Half leg (upper) £22.50 / £24.50 Half leg (lower) £20.50 / £21.50
Three quarter leg £25.50 / £26.50
Bikini standard £13.50 / £15.50
Underarm £12 / £14
Chest or back £25 / £27
Half leg, Bikini, & Underarm £42.50 / £46.50
Chin £10 / £12
Lip and chin £15 / £20
Extended bikini £18.50 / £20.50
Full Leg £30 / £32
Full leg, Bikini & Underarm £46.50 / £49.50
EBS, Lip & Chin £25 / £26
Eyebrow tint £10 / £12
Eyebrow shape and tint £15 / £17
Eyelash and brow tint £22 / £23
Eyebrow shape, brow tint and lash tint £28 / £30
Forearm £16.50 / £17.50


For the permanent removal of hair, using the most advanced method. Prices from £14.50

Intel Bright IPL Laser Hair Removal

Put an end to other methods of hair removal. Replace shaving, waxing, tweezing, depilation and hair removal creams, all in a flash! Prices from £45

Intel Bright IPL Skin Rejuvenation

This system allows skin to look smoother by removing age spots and visible blood vessels and improving skin texture, reversing the telltale signs of ageing. Also suitable for gents. It is essential to book a free half hour consultation/patch test prior to treatment. Prices from £120

Sports Massage

It’s a lot more than just a massage, and it’s not just for athletes! It’s a collection of deep massage and manipulation techniques that bring effective relief for anyone with aches, pains or injuries.

So whether you tend to suffer with back pain, or find working at your computer is a pain in the neck, or you’re still having problems with a sprained ankle that never fully healed, then Sports Massage is for you.

 1 hour  £65

Deep Tissue Massage

A much firmer massage than Swedish, using a variety of techniques including elbow massage to work into the deeper layers of muscle that hold physical tension and emotional stress.

1 hour £65

 Swedish Massage

Full Body Massage 1 hr £54 / £56 Back, Neck & Shoulder 1 hr £54 / £56
Course of six 1 hour appointments £270
Course of six 30 min appointments £160


Reiki works on the principle that universal life energy exists all around and within us. It can promote healing and wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a gentle treatment that is safe for all.

Individual 1 hr 15 mins £54


Hypnotherapy brings about an altered state of awareness in which the client is encouraged into a deeply relaxed state where positive suggestions are given to aid a sense of wellbeing and empowerment. Hypnotherapy can be used to benefit those who suffer from low self esteem, anxiety, insomnia, stress, phobias, weight management and addictions.

Initial Consultation / Treatment £66.50 / £56.50
Course of six £282.50


An ancient healing art, reflexology is a pressure point massage to the feet, stimulating reflex points to balance the mind, body and spirit. Beneficial to all, relax and enjoy its positive effects, restoring the flow of the body’s natural healing energies.

Individual 1 hr £54

Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment, concentrating on the upper part of the body which are the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. Incorporating Shiatsu and acupressure techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, this unique massage will help to balance and stimulate vital energy centres, promoting a sense of well being and positive energy.

Individual 1 hr £53.50 / £55.50

Hopi Ear Candles

A gentle natural treatment designed to relieve blocked ears and sinuses and all the associated side effects such as excessive ear wax, headaches, migraine, glue ear, sinusitis and catarrh.

Both ears 45 min £35 / £36