Is excessive hair growth a problem? Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Intense Pulse Light hair removal (IPL) is quickly becoming the most popular choice of hair removal and it’s for a very good reason – IPL is the closest we can get to achieving permanent hair-free skin!

Shaving, whilst a sometimes quick and convenient option can be harsh on your skin and the results are extremely long lived, yet more and more women have admitted to using a razor more than once to remove facial hair as they have been too embarrassed to seek a more permanent solution. Although waxing is a better alternative to shaving and has longer lasting results, it does not suit everyone’s skin types and can sometimes result in ingrown hairs and pimples. However, the results of IPL treatment are longer lasting than both shaving and waxing combined and can be achieved with minimum pain. So throw out your razors and cancel your waxing appointment because we’ve found a solution for both men and women who are tired of the never ending cycle of hair removal!

Intense Pulse Light hair removal treatment is extremely popular amongst celebrities, and it was only earlier this week that the Daily Mail published an article called: ‘How facial hair removal keeps Kim Kardashian young’ and compared pictures of the star before and IPL hair removal treatment and the results were astonishing!


The amazing results of Intense Pulse Light hair removal treatment are achieved by directing a harmless laser directly onto the target area of skin, the light from the laser gently cauterises the base of the hair follicle underneath the surface of the skin permanently preventing the regrowth of the hair providing it is at the right stage of growth. Each hair follicle has three stages of growth and in order for it to react to the light successfully it must be caught in the active ‘anagen’ stage of growth; therefore a course of at least six sessions of the treatment is recommended to ensure the best hair-free results. The most popular sites for IPL hair removal treatment for women are: underarm, bikini, upper lip, legs and forearms, and for men: the back, abdomen and chest, however the beauty of the treatment is that it can be applied almost everywhere.

For more information about Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal or to book an appointment contact Beautiful Angels, based in South Ascot, Berkshire on 01344 625 625 and let us help you achieve longer lasting, hair-free, super smooth skin without the irritation of shaving and the dread of waxing.