Manicures & Pedicures

Treat your fingers and toes to our wide range of nail treatments from brands including Shellac, Bio Sculpture and Jessica.


On like a polish, wear like a gel! Set it and forget it. Practical yet fearless. Two weeks of glorious, indelible shine and colour that lasts.

Bio Sculpture (Organic Protein Overlay)

At last anyone can grow their nails. The organic gel provides a hard protective layer making your nails resistant to the normal wear and tear, allowing them to grow. Bio Sculpture is available in clear, colour or french finish, requiring renewal every two to three weeks. Great for perfect nails with no fuss. Bio Sculpture is instantly dry, so shoes can be put on straight after a pedicure.

Nail Extensions (Using Bio Sculpture)

Unhappy with your natural nail length? Extend your nails with Bio Sculpture nail extensions, so natural people will think they’re your own. N.B please inform us when booking your overlays/infills if you require any extensions, nail repairs or nail art as extra time is needed.

Bio Sculpture Pedicure with Gel Colour

Organic nail colour can be applied to feet for a long lasting non chip colour. Nails will look immaculate for up to 8 weeks on toes.


The Jessica Nail Cultivation System includes a unique nail diagnosis and prescription which recommends specific products to help give you lasting and effective results.

Guinot - The Rejuvenating Foot Treatment

Guinot’s Foot Peeling treatment is designed with dry and tired feet in mind. A peeling gel is applied along with a pair of booties which loosens dead skin cells and eliminates rough patches. Guinot’s anti-ageing Longue Vie Pieds Treatment is then applied all over the feet to intensely nourish the feet and combat advanced signs of ageing. Feet are left feeling soft, smooth and visibly more youthful.

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